#3: Keys to Success as a Young Entrepreneur, Building Your Brand and Using Your Passion to Fuel Your Business with Patrick Stepanek.

Episode #3

Fellow Entrepreneur, Published Author, and Ohio State Buckeye, Patrick Stepanek joins us on The Healthy Hustle. Patrick launched a massive brand across the United States with over 1 million followers combined to share the explorations and hidden treasures of Mother Earth whilst preserving its beauty in a nature-conscious way.

With his mission statement of, “Share the Earth to Create A Desire to Protect It,” Patrick has trademarked Natural to almost every state in the United States. They are a network of nearly a million photographers who share photos from the outdoors in nature all around the world. He has planted ____

Not only does he promote and defend Mother Earth, but he is also a published author of two books, “100k Miles” and “Utopian Logic.” Patrick has manifested his entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and has had years of experience to mold his business acumen. He is currently working at a Venture Capitalist firm that raises funding for Cancer Research!

If you are an aspiring or current entrepreneur, you will learn heaps in this episode. From Networking, Building your Brand and Growing Your Business backed by passsion — this episode is for you!