A Snowy LA Getaway to Mount Baldy // How to Successfully Shoot Content with Only Two People!

A Snowy LA Getaway to Mount Baldy // How to Successfully Shoot Content with Only two people!

Being from Columbus, Ohio, I am no stranger to snow! After living in Los Angeles for about a year, I actually missed it. One of my best friends and fellow buckeye, Olivia Zwayer, pitched the idea of going to this place called Mount Baldy! It was only an hour out from LA and it had snow!! We were both wanting to do something fun and adventurous that weekend so we packed up some looks we had to shoot and road tripped to the Mountain!

Olivia is one of the most talented, creative, multi-faceted people I know — Not only is she beautiful, but she is an amazing graphic designer, videographer, photographer and works for the brand OhPolly. Every time we get together, we laugh, we have inspiring conversations and create magical content.

As we set out on our adventure, we were shocked how sunny it was and got a little worried there would be no snow left to play in. The mountain was a lot higher up than we thought and the road was super windy! Once we got to the top, to our pleasant surprise, the sun was shining AND there was plenty of snow!! It was super cute because there were tons of families sledding and skiing. I highly recommend Mount Baldy if looking for a beautiful, winter getaway only an hour away from Los Angeles.

Whenever Olivia and I shoot content, it’s typically only her and I. We get super creative and innovative with our shooting process and even make it a point to get photos together! If you are an influencer, model, content creator, or literally just want photos with someone you love — you don’t always need a third party photographer, you can do it all yourself! 

Check out my tips below on How to Successfully Shoot Content with Two People!

  1. Plan your mood board/inspiration ahead of time! 
  1. After planning your photoshoot theme, style out your looks.
  1. Bring a Camera and a Tri-Pod
  1. Scout the location on arrival and plan where you will shoot what looks!
  1. Start out shooting individual looks, then plan where you want to shoot together! 
    1. Set up your camera 
    2. Get Self-Timer and/or Bluetooth clicker 
    3. Get into the frame — take a test shot with one person
    4. Decide on pose(s) 
    5. Set Timer and/ or Get Clicker ready, shoot!