Gabrielle is a young businesswoman, a graduate of The Ohio State University with a specialization in Finance. Her business endeavors carried on through her passions with modeling, health and wellness, and entrepreneurship.

From a young age, I was an avid go-getter hitting the stage with a competitive dance career. Traveling back and forth to New York City, I found a strong passion for discovering the world and growing into my best self. I carried this resilient passion to excel in my older years by an athlete. Volleyball became my second love in life and another love that I relentlessly pursued excellence. I was on a National Club Volleyball team, traveling across the United States, and helped lead my team to a National victory in 2016. Slowly but surely, every experience helped me grow into the woman I am so proud to be today!

My love for performing continued as I pursued a career in modeling. Today, I am elated at the journey I have gone on and am a successful model in Los Angeles and Columbus, signed with NewMark Models and Sigal Models.

From many years of being an athlete through competitive dance and playing on a national volleyball team, I found a love for health and wellness. As my training transitioned from grace and technique to power and stealth, I learned how to train my body for different environments with different end goals. As my career in modeling started taking off, my training as an athlete had to evolve as well. This was an uncomfortable transition as everything I once worked so hard for was not applicable to this new career. During this time, I dove into learning everything I could about what kind of training and diet would be the right fit for me! In this discovery, I found a successful regimen that I am so passionate to share with you today


I believe every person has the power to become their best self — in order to do so, their mind, body, and spirit has to work in synchronicity. With the many years of trial and error, experiences in different types of training, and optimizing health regimens that work for me, I hope I can help you discover what works for you and unleash your rockstar within.

We are always, all in this together — and with my platform, I hope to provide you a sense of inclusivity and support, especially for young women. In today’s world, with social media and unrealistic expectations, life can feel very isolating. Fostering a community of strong-minded, kind, empowering individuals can make the world feel a little more like home.

Through finding optimal health between exercise, food, and mindful activities, I have found an empowering position in life. When you feel your best, from the inside out, you can then give your best self to the rest of the world. Now I am on a mission to share this internal glow with as many people I can, so you too can radiate on the outside!

I have been fortunate enough to combine my love of fashion, fitness, health, and travel into one cohesive home for you, which you will find all on this website. On my blog, I plan to share with you all my favorite trips, tips, experiences, stories … all life of Gabby! Along with the blogs, I have two AMAZING books, Nourish, (a 14-Day Wellness Guide) and Bikini Body by Gabrielle (12 Week Training Plan) to help kick off your health and fitness journey. You can even Workout With Me and complete full, follow along workouts!

Through my various platforms, I hope to connect, inspire, and support you on your journey. I hope to provide you with the tools to be best equipped in making positive decisions in your life. I hope to launch your self-discovery in your highest wellbeing and true health. I hope I can help you be YOU, unapologetically, and empowered.