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Nourish, A Fourteen Day Wellness Guide

Nourish is a Fourteen-Day Wellness Guide inspired by my personal Health and Fitness Journey. Nourish is an educational resource to launch your forward in your healthy lifestyle! This book connects your mind, body, and soul through Nourish practices of journaling, meditation, self-love, and gratitude. This guide also includes, “Nourish Education”, where we dive into Food Values, Alcohol Tips, Recommended Foods, and Over 40 Customizable Recipes!

  • 14 Days of Workouts and Meal Plans
  • Finding your Why, Learning about My Why
  • 40+ Custom Recipes
  • Nourish Education:
    • Morning Pages, Gratitude Practices
    • Training Your Brain to See the Good
    • The Art of Loving Yourself
    • Alcohol Tips
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • Recommended Foods
    • Understanding Food Values

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Bikini Body by Gabrielle, 12 Week Training Plan

Bikini Body by Gabrielle is a complete, gym training plan full of diverse workouts, helpful training tips, and nutrition insights! In Bikini Body by Gabrielle, there are several educational documents including Alcohol 101, Recommended Grocery List and Macros, Positive Affirmation and Self-Love Encouragement!

  • 12 Week Workout Training Plans (84 days)
  • Weekly Progress Check-ins & Email Support
  • My Favorite Recipes + Healthy Meal Plan Options
  • My Recommended Grocery List
  • Educational Documents covering:
    • Alcohol Education
    • Recommended Macros
    • Self-love inspiration
  • Exercise Tutorials

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