Gifts from Gabrielle – My 2020 Gift Guide

Hello December!!! I can not believe 2020 is almost over, seems like just yesterday, it was March and we were just starting lockdown. This year has put us all through some of the most challenging times yet. Mentally, physically and spiritually we’ve all been tested! I hope you can find the beauty in this chaos and know that we are always in it together, knowing there are better days ahead! With that, let’s choose to not only see the light but to BE THE LIGHT!✨

In my 2020 Gift Guide, I want to provide you with gift ideas that give you VALUE! My favorite kind of gift-giving is something that can provide lasting benefits. So in my guide below, I have categorized the ideas by Health is Wealth, Beauty n Brains, Gadgets n Gizmos, and Fitness Fun! Most of these products I already have and can vouch for, OR they are on my Christmas list too!😁

I’ve directly linked it all on the titles so you can shop straight from this blog! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping babes! xx



1. “UNTAMED” by Glennon Doyle
2. “WHAT DOESN’T KILL US” by Scott Carney
3. “THINK LIKE A MONK” by Jay Shetty
4. T3 Micro Hair Tools
5. Dyson Hair Dryer
6. Versed Skincare


1. Sunlighten Infrared Sauna
2. Cold Plunge Bath
3. Juicer
4. ChiliPad – Temperature Management System for your bed
5. Apollo Smart Wellness Watch


1. Resistance Bands
2. Sliders
3. Sweet Sweat + Waist Trimmer
4. Ankle Weights
5. On-the-Go Blender
6. Hip Circles

I hope you found an item or two that brought you some new ideas to gift this season! I am always on the lookout for products that improve my life with longevity. Leave me a comment of a special unique gift you are giving this year or thats on your wish list! I love finding new goodies!

Have an amazing Holiday and let me know if you have any questions! Xoxo