My First Runway Show with NewMark Models, Cabo San Lucus

As a young girl, I was always on stage. I was a competitive dancer from the time I was 5 years old. I loved the bright lights, the makeup, the butterflies before stepping out… and with modeling, I get to taste that passion yet again. There is something so special about preparing for a performance whether it be in dance, athletics or fashion. The time spent getting ready, the anticipation before and then the thrill of executing, there’s nothing like it!

So, this past summer, I walked in my first runway show in Los Cabos, Mexico with my girl squad and family from NewMark Models. We were shooting a campaign for Abruzzo Swim all week then the last night we had a rooftop runway show! It was my first time to Cabo and I was so excited to get the adventure started. 

Cabo is a one of a kind place to travel to, it has so much authentic culture and beautiful scenery. We stayed at The Cape Hotel, which I believe at the time was a relatively new hotel. It was absolutely breathtaking with the most amazing view of the crystal, clear ocean. During this time, there was also the US Surf Open competition going on so there were a ton of events, guests and things to do! I love going to do places that are full of life and things that I have never experienced before — I believe that is when you learn the most about yourself! I actually filmed a whole Cabo vlog which is linked below [ ] — it was such a fun vlog to film because you really get to see all the fun play by play as well as a front-row seat to the beautiful views of Cabo. 

Like many of our trips, we have a set agenda and schedule for the weekend. The first day was our fitting for the show for Abruzzo Swim. Fittings are always a beautiful chaos because there’s so much going on, people to get fitted and outfits to get styled! I was thrilled with my two looks and was getting so excited about the show in a couple of days. After my fitting, I relaxed at the hotel and got ready for dinner. 

There is an amazing restaurant on the beach called “The Office” where they play live music, have the best margs and even have lizards you can pet! Our crew went there and had a blast! I even got on stage at one point with my girlfriend Shelby as we did this hilarious dance. The best part of the evening had to be when Natalie (@natamals) and I decided to go pet the lizards and it ended up smacking me in the face hahaha… check the video below hahaha!

The second day, we started shooting right away! One of my best friends, Sam Kleggerman, was our photographer for the trip — he goes to Parsons Art School in NYC, has the most beautiful soul and can literally make me laugh for hours. I always love shooting with him because he gives me constructive tips for posing, expressions and our energies just work so well together. Energy is everything on a shoot and its always important to not only feel comfortable around your team but to feel empowered, confident and in your element!

And on the third day, it was SHOWTIME! I honestly was getting pretty nervous after we went through our first run through. I saw all of the lights, the long runway and the many people that were starting to flood the hotel! It was a familiar, nervous feeling from my years of dancing — but it had been a long time since I stepped on stage, and this time it was in a bikini LOL. 

We got hair and makeup ready and made our way up to the rooftop about an hour before the show started. Everyone was practicing their walks, taking photos, laughing and jumping around to get those butterflies out! It was one of my fondest memories of the trip because we were all being silly and nervous, bonding as one team. 

It was now time for us to line up and get the show on the road! I had two looks — one was a beautiful, floral blue bikini and the other was a high waisted, white bikini with a long white, sequin kimono! I was about 6th in line and before I knew it, the show began. The energy on the rooftop was unmatched! The music was awesome, the lights were bright and I was ready to go! 

It was my time to shine — I immediately felt the butterflies go away, the lights hit my face and I was strutting down the runway. All worries immediately disappear and it is the most exhilarating, fun experience! It hit so close to my heart because it reminded me of the passion and thrill I had with being on stage as a dancer, and I was so grateful to be doing something like that again! 

After the show, we took a few shots, danced backstage and celebrated the awesome job we all did. Our agent gave a beautiful speech as well as the owner of Abruzzo Swim, Sam Abruzzo — it was such a beautiful memory and an experience of a lifetime. The post show celebrations we continued the fun in Cabo and partied all night! I am looking forward to going back to Cabo this year and doing it all AGAIN! Xoxoxo