Photos, Please!!! Versed Skincare, Beauty Photoshoot and my Favorite Versed Products

Skincare is so important, now more than ever before, with the harsh pollution in the air, constant makeup changes and crazy weather. I never was that educated on Skincare growing up because I was lucky enough to not have had horrible acne so, at the time, I did not see how important it was! A good skincare routine not only sustains your skin health but is preventative to aging, dark spots and blemishes. Thank goodness I now take so much pride in my skin vitality and health and I truly have such a love for it!

I’m always on the hunt for good skin-care products and when I was introduced to Versed, I was so impressed with the quality of the product and the immediate results. Versed is a non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand with a mission to make good skin and clean products for all. 

I recently shot some beauty images for Versed with NewMark Models shot by Sergio Necoechea. At NewMark Models, we do a lot of in-house content creation for brands bringing together Models, brands, Makeup artists, photographers, and stylists! It’s one big party full of creativity and innovation. After this shoot, I started using Versed pretty regularly and I’m so excited to share with you my favorite goodies from them today. 

  1. Brightening Serum
    1. “When dullness inevitably creeps in, fend it off with a cocktail of brightening and pigmentation-fighting plant extracts and antioxidants. With vitamin C (one of the most well-researched and proven ingredients in brightening and anti-aging skincare), licorice root and palmaria palmata extracts (skin-lightening agents that inhibit pigmentation), and niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3 that reduces the appearance of discoloration), uneven skin tone can become a thing of the past. This lightweight, never-tacky serum also helps firm, hydrate, and strengthen skin—those brightening ingredients have some solid fringe benefits. “
    2. This brightening serum is like heaven after a long day. I like to put this brightening serum on before bed and I truly wake up looking more refreshed!
  1. Emergency Eye Mask
    1. “Sometimes that solid eight hours of sleep a night just doesn’t happen. This is the solution for all those times when it doesn’t. With provitamin B5 (a hardworking member of the B-complex vitamin family) and vitamin E, this gel mask nourishes and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes. All the while cucumber juice cools and depuffs, and caffeine calms swelling and redness. It really is the fix for whatever eye woes may befall you. Use it in the mornings, on a plane, in the shower—really whenever. Your eyes will not appreciate it. “
    2. Unfortunately, not all of our bags can be designer… On mornings where I wake up a little drowsy and have puffy, eye bags, I love to use this emergency eye mask!
  1. Keep it Supple, Body Oil
    1. “For the 97% of your skin below your chin, allow us to introduce your new favorite moisturizer, a favorable alternative to thick, heavy body lotions. It’s a non-sticky, non-greasy, quick-absorbing dry oil. We promise it passes the get-dressed test with no waiting period. Just spritz to envelope your body in a blend of sweet almond, macadamia nut, and coconut oils with nourishing calendula flower extract and vitamin E. And that subtle yet intoxicating aroma of white flowers come from ylang-ylang oil. “
    2. I love to keep my skin moisturized, especially on set at shoots its amazing to have a product give you a natural, moisturized glow.
  1. Photos, Please Brightening Tightening Mask
    1. This is the mask you turn to when your complexion is feeling blah. Mineral-rich red kaolin clay tones and gently exfoliates skin while antioxidant-rich turmeric brightens and evens skin tone. It’s not only a soothing experience (thanks to the creamiest clay you’ve ever felt) but also a satisfying one. In 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll see and feel noticeably brighter, tighter, smoother, softer skin. Use it before a big event or whenever your skin needs a jump start (aka Monday).
    2. Photos, Please!!! Love this mask when prepping for a photoshoot or event. Masks just are so fun to do and I love giving my skin this nice exfoliation and tightening to freshen things up.