12 Week Fitness Training Plan


What’s Included?

  • 12 Week Workout Training Plans (84 days)
  • Weekly Progress Check-ins & Email Support
  • My Favorite Recipes + Healthy Meal Plan Options
  • My Favorite Supplements + Supplements 101
  • Recommended Grocery List
  • Educational Documents
    • Alcohol 101
    • Flexible Dieting (IIFYM) 101

Or check out my 6 months of 1 on 1 private coaching option instead if you’d like me to help coach you through fitness changes you’ve been wanting to make for a long time. We break down your exact needs and build a plan customized for you including meal plan options.



12-Week Bikini Body Elite Workout Program

The 12-Week Plan is an elite plan for someone who is ready to take their health and fitness to the next level! The 12-week plan is where you will really transform your body, from the inside out, to its best shape yet! This plan is longer, so there will be modifications and progressions made along the way tailored to your results and abilities! I will be with you every step of the way as this plan offers 24/7 email support by me.

We will have weekly check ins, as well as texts/calls/emails whenever needed. This program will teach you how to structure your weekly workout schedule while pairing it with a great diet each day. The workout schedule will build upon the previous week so as you go you will be getting stronger, wiser and challenged each week!

Due to this being 12 weeks long, you will see a progression in your strength, ability and knowledge of the training programs as you go!

This program prevents plateauing and comfortability; therefore, you will always be growing and learning! The workouts will be fun, diverse, but most importantly, challenging! They will be simple yet effective and will be completed in an hour or less.

The workouts will include weight training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Band, Body Weight and Balance exercises! The training will reflect my personal style of training that I have learned to love over the years and have found much success with!

The Diet Plan will include an exact nutrition plan based on healthy meal plan options or a macronutrient plan (explained in the ‘IIFYM’ educational documents). Some people can intuitively eat and stay controlled with a few healthy recipes – others need a more structured, calculated plan with exact numbers!

People have great success with both but it’s up to personal preference and style, that’s why its important to offer both because everyone is different! The secret of your success is found in your daily routine and no better way to get into the routine of eating with options than to start practicing now!

With many fitness plans, Coaches do “Weigh-Ins” – but in this program there will be no weigh ins (Only if you desire to)!

Instead, we will take “Before and After” photos each week in various poses. I have gone through many stages of my fitness life and I have found that weight is simply just a number and it truly is NOT representative of your growth and progress. Weight can be a good reference point, but it is not and should never be what you base your success off of!

Along this journey together, we will capitalize on body positivity, self-love and confidence! We will start to learn the practicing of journaling each week and including positive reinforcement in our minds! We will celebrate small successes and learn to love every step of the process.

Working out and eating well is half of the battle – the mental aspect is just as important! Training your brain to love yourself every day, even on the bad days, is something that takes practice and awareness. We will crush our fitness goals while dominating our mind! Happiness, first of all, lies within Health.

– xoxo Gabby

P.S. Sign up for the waitlist for 1 on 1 private coaching and get notified when I’m accepting new members. We will build a custom workout plan specific to you, no standard workout plans. And the diet will be constructed off of your macro needs depending on your fitness goals we discuss in the initial conversations as a new coaching student.