4 Week Fitness Training Plan


What’s Included?

  • 4 Week Training Plan (28 days). Daily Workout Routines with Exact Exercises to Follow
  • Progress Check-In Sessions (By Email)
  • My Favorite Recipes + Healthy Meal Plan Options
  • Recommended Grocery List
  • Alcohol 101 – How to Drink Responsibly While Maintaining Your Diet/Exercise Progress

Or check out the 8 Week Plan & 12 Week Plan for more workout programs that challenge you!



4-Week Starter Plan

The 4-Week Starter Plan is for someone looking for a more standardized, structure plan that guides them through 28 days of workouts and a recommended meal plan. This plan is more self-driven and independent, as where the 8 and 12-week plans have objective coaching, modifications and changes made if needed as you go. The 4-week Plan is a short-term outline for long term success.

It will teach you how to structure your weekly workout schedule while pairing it with a great diet each day. The workouts will be fun, diverse, but most importantly, challenging! They will be simple yet effective and will be completed in an hour or less.

The workouts will include weight training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Band, Body Weight and Balance exercises! The training will reflect my personal style of training that I have learned to love over the years and have found much success with!

The Meal Plan will be a guiding plan rather than an exact calculated macronutrients plan. I will provide 4-5 options per meal, which then will allow you to pick which one you want to have for that day! I like this method because it creates a habit that eating healthy is a lifestyle rather than a calculated math problem every time you hear your stomach growling! The secret of your success is found in your daily routine and no better way to get into the routine of eating with options than to start practicing now!

Along this journey together, we will capitalize on body positivity, self-love and confidence! Working out and eating well is half of the battle – the mental aspect is just as important! Training your brain to love yourself every day, even on the bad days, is something that takes practice and awareness. We will crush our fitness goals while dominating our mind! Happiness, first of all, lies within Health.

If you are someone who needs frequent coaching, support, motivation – The 8 week or 12-week plans can be more tailored to fit you specifically and can be modified as you go to fit needs, changes, plateaus, etc! Or get private one on one coaching and we create you a customized meal plan tailored to your specific height, weight, gender and age to suit you’re body’s specific needs.

– xoxo Gabby