A Night Under The Stars — Soluna Swim Campaign

Soluna Swim is a beautiful lifestyle and swimwear brand I shot on a beautiful evening in Laguna Beach, California! Swimwear is another one of my favorites to shoot because I live in bikinis. A comfortable and flattering bikini is everything to me and Soluna Swim has it all. 

“SOLUNA is inspired by the social butterfly who lives by the sun and loves by the moon. Whether you gravitate towards bohemian, modern, feminine, preppy, or trend-inspired styles, SOLUNA’s collections are designed to celebrate your personal style. With luxe fabrication and cutting edge designs, SOLUNA creates a high-end aesthetic at an affordable price. Offering an array of mix-and-match pieces, SOLUNA is styled by you, day or night, wherever the water finds you.”

The photographer for the shoot was Roxy Rodriguez, @RockSea! This angel was one of the most inspiring and amazing humans I’ve ever worked with. Roxy is unbelievably talented and has such authentic energy to her. I love shooting with powerful female photographers because they make you feel so comfortable and bring out the best in you! Roxy is a well-known California photographer shooting for many brands and celebrities such as @SolunaSwim, @Malika and @BeccaEtcSwim!

We shot on a peaceful Friday night because we wanted to catch the breathtaking sunset and get some night flash photography. We shot at one of my favorite beaches ever, called A Thousand Steps Beach. It is called “A Thousand Steps” because there is a long, winding staircase to get down to the beach… and it sure feels like a thousand steps on the walk back up haha!

It was a bit chilly once the sun went down and then it was the fun part… getting in the ocean once the sun went completely down. Often times, modeling can be a little more challenging than what meets the eye. You have to step out of your comfort zone, take risks and some days jump in the freezing cold ocean, in the pitch dark, to get the perfect shot!! I have to say, no matter how cold I was, it was totally worth it. The images turned out beautifully and I was so thrilled to do the brand the justice it deserved. Looking forward to shooting with Roxy and Soluna Swim again in the near future. Check out Roxy’s photography work at @rocksea on Instagram and Soluna Swim @solunaswim!