Fashion meets Passion — The Sweat Club

As you may know, I have a passion for health and fitness! I was thrilled when I booked this job with The Sweat Club to get to share that side of myself. I am constantly looking for brands that reflect my values and lifestyle and when I do, I am a customer for life. The Sweat Club is a subscription-based, premier fitness apparel company! 

Not only are the designs cutting edge but the fabric and fit of the leggings, sports bras and hoodies were so flattering and comfortable. I would compare their quality as good or better to Lulu Lemon and AloYoga. My personal favorite characteristics of their product were the super soft material, the high-waisted leggings and the compression of the leggings. I look for activewear that is comfortable yet form-fitting to accent my body. 

On a normal photoshoot, there are typically guidelines for posing to reflect that brand’s style, vibe, and intent. This shoot wasn’t like a normal shoot, I got to really put my personality and athletic ability in it with doing different workout moves. I think back to all the years that I was a competitive dancer in ballet and an athlete in volleyball, and am thankful that those years of training come in handy on shoots like these. 

The Sweat Club’s team was so personable and kind which also makes photoshoots a lot more enjoyable. One of my favorite things in the creative industry is meeting like-minded individuals who have a passion for their craft like you. The creative possibilities are endless when you have a great team and I always leave learning something new. It was such an epic opportunity to put my love for fitness and my passion for modeling together, check out the awesome photos from the shoot and their website below!