Wake-Up Warrior! Keys to a Successful Morning Routine

A great day begins with a successful morning!

My mornings are not always sunshine and rainbows, especially with my love to sleep in! I remember in highschool I would jump out of bed, throw on my outfit and race out the door. I would be half asleep in first period and although my academic persistence always prevailed, I wasn’t always in the best mindspace to slay the day. I never really understood what a morning routine was and the power within one until my later years in college. 

Before implementing my personal morning routine, I found that many of the “Morning Routines” I saw on YouTube and Instagram felt like it may take hours and wasn’t practical for my busy day. The good thing is I want to help you design your morning routine to be quick yet efficient! Your routine should become a routine and have it be integrated in your life naturally. It really sets the tone for the day and allows you to take on the day. So, I’m excited to share with you my personal morning routine and help you design yours!

  1. Wake Up Warrior!

I know this is a given, but there is a difference between being woken up by the world and you waking up to the world! Oftentimes, I used to be abruptly woken up by the world, feeling unmotivated and honestly, totally grumpy. 

I do this little thing where I put a reminder in my notes and it’s called, “Wake Up Warrior Sunshine Princess”. Hahah it is kind of goofy, but when the struggle is real I say that phrase to get myself going! The struggle of hopping out of bed only lasts for a moment, then your body wakes up and it goes away! So, if there is a little phrase, music or motivation that helps you get out of bed, I highly recommend implementing that! It really helps and adds a fun little, positive reminder that you’re a Warrior, Sunshine Princess! 

Today, I wake up around 7 or 8am everyday and try to keep it consistent that way! Waking up becomes more habitual and less of a chore when it’s ingrained in your routine. I also look forward to waking up early because I know that I won’t be fighting to fall asleep. So tip #1, Wake Up Queen, you have a day to slay! 

  1. Hydration Honey! Drink water first thing in the morning. 

After sleeping 6-8 hours, your body needs water first thing when you wake up! I always keep 1-2 water bottles next to my bed so I can drink water first thing. I try to drink one full water bottle right away! By doing this, you jumpstart your wake up period.

One of the main indicators of fatigue and tiredness is dehydration. Shocking your body with a hydrating glass of water will boost your alertness and energy! This morning hydration will also help flush out toxins, feeling refreshed. 

Another great addition to your morning water is to add a lemon. I personally love lemons in my water for taste but they also have great benefits including vitamin C, digestion aid and antioxidants! 

  1. Morning Pages 

Morning Pages is a morning ritual of writing your thoughts down everyday for 3-5 pages. The power of journaling is so special, it’s something that I have had a strong relationship with since I was very young. I didn’t understand its therapeutic power at the time, but now that I am older, it’s so freeing and brings me a lot of clarity.

The more discipline I am with getting my emotions out on paper, the better aligned my mind feels which helps me make the best decisions throughout my day. You’re more likely to default on your habits in times of tension or challenge if you have something else on your mind.

So, every morning, I want you to take 10-15 minutes and write down your thoughts. This is a judgement free zone, allowing you to put your thoughts on paper. In doing this, you may address things you didn’t even know were on your mind. You may find freedom in the act of expressing your thoughts. At this time, you can set the tone for the day. Every day can be a great day if you make the choice!

Things you can journal about in your morning pages!

  • Gratitude Goals
  • Reflection of Good, Bad, or Indifferent
  • Moments of LightStresses/Worries
  • Things you’re looking forward to
  • Things you need to let out
  • Things you LOVE about yourself
  • Metrics to help you get to your goals
  • Something that made you laugh
  • ANTS: Automatic Negative Thoughts, get them out to expose their invalidity
  • Things you CAN control, Things you can NOT
  • Things that make me feel safe
  • Manifesting things, people, feelings you want in life
  1. Coffee + Tea

Coffee, for me, is more than just the drink! I love the experience of brewing coffee, letting its sweet aroma settle in the ambiance and then enjoying it! The act of enjoying a cup of coffee or tea adds a fun addition into your morning routine.

  1. Avoid your phone until Morning Routine is done!

I know the first thing many of us do when the alarm goes off is to grab our phones and dive back into all the stimuli we’re constantly bombarded with. Before doing this, take time to focus on yourself — mind and body through your morning rituals! It’s nice to have a moment of peace in the mornings without emails, social media or news! 

  1. Look good, feel good, DO GOOD!

My final tip and last part of my own routine is to shower, get dressed & do my makeup/hair! Whether I am working from home or have somewhere to be that day, I make it a point to get ready. Feeling polished and looking the part, helps you be in the mindset to do the part! 

These are my six keys to a successful morning routine! I encourage you to try out some of my tips as well as incorporating some of your own! Each person’s morning is their morning, so make it yours and own the day!