Workout With Me: Booty Builder Glute and Leg Workout

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Welcome back to BOOTY BUILDER Series — Episode 2!!!

As you may know, or not know, I LOVE to lift glutes and legs overall. Its my favorite lift and i love getting creative with my workouts! This is a glute/leg lift I did the other day and I go through the workout with you explaining the reps and what each exercise is. This workout is focused on glute isolation as well as keeping your heart rate up! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Walk 5min Sprints 10min (30sec on, 30 off)

Glute Activation:
Banded Squats 15-20 Reps
Banded Jump Squats 15-20 Reps
Banded Side Steps 20 Each side
Banded Lateral Raises 15 Each side

DB Deadlift 3×10
DB Sumo Squat 3×15

Bulgarian Split Squats

Jump Squats 3×15
High Knees 3x30seconds

Band Work Circuit:
Donkey Kicks 4×5 each side
Fire Hydrants 4×5 each side
Corner Kicks 4×5 each side
Clamshells 4×5 each side